Isle of Wight week

What a fantastic week! Fabulous weather, lots of fun and our school values shown in abundance. We’d love to hear about your favourite moments so please share your memories with us all…

My piece of art

Most people will not see me.
Only a lucky few will.
I am green and blue with white too.
I have no edges or vertices.
Some of my siblings are bigger than me; others are smaller.
Some of my siblings are nearer to our light others are further away
What am I?

Chasing Vermeer

We hope you are enjoying reading Chasing Vermeer as much as we are – we would love to hear your comments about the book, so feel free to share them with us all.

In the book, Ms Hussey asked her class to choose an object that feels like a work of art to them and we would like you to do the same thing. It could be anything but don’t ask anyone for advice – this has to be your own thinking. Describe the object for us without saying what it is. We look forward to reading your ideas!

Chasing Vermeer

London dungeon

In my Easter holidays I went to London dungeons. As we walked in you could see a fountain of blood and all I can hear are children mumbling to their parents I don’t want to go. I laughed at most of the acts because I had been there before but when I looked around the room i could see people clinging to them trying to hold on to the walls. My favorite part was Jack The Ripper when a shadow of him appeared in front of us.

Go carts

In my Easter holiday I went go carting in London. I beat my mum and dad but my brother beat me I was so annoyed. At my first attempt my dad hit the side of my go cart and span me round I had to get someone hep me turn it the right way round. After that i was always ahead of him.


I recommend these experiences to everyone because they are great fun and you will never forget it.


I have come to Keswick nearly every holiday since I was a baby. I love Keswick and done many things like climbing mountains, canoeing on the lake and many other things. My next mountain is Skiddaw which is the fourth highest in England. Right now there is snow on the tops of the taller mountains. This holiday I plan to go cycling 8 miles and eat lots of chocolate at the amazing chocolate shop. One year I walked 100 miles!

I love Keswick so much because there is some much to do outdoors and there is lots of climbing. My aim in the future is to climb Scafell pike- the tallest mountain in England.

A Great Holiday

I came  back  last night after a fabulous week in Keswick. Overall we had amazing weather although we saw snow on the mountains we  still  went paddling in the lake. In total I walked over twenty miles as I walked round the lake at least once.

We didn’t really climb lots of mountains so instead we walked a lot round the lake stopping for ice cream too! In Keswick I think there is the best ice cream I have  ever been to. While I was there I went there nearly everyday. My favorite ice cream flavours were marshmallow and chocolate and fudge swirl.

On our last day we played mini golf. I came 2nd which was the first time because I usually come last. Also we went to Wordsworth house which is the birthplace of William Wordsworth. Everytime we go there we always go to his birthplace.

I shall always go to Keswick at Easter and will always enjoy myself.

Image result for KeswickKeswick, Derwent water and surrounding mountains.


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